Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oregon part 1

So my grandparents were planning a trip up to Oregon to see my grandpas sister and invited me and Aiden to go. I really didn't have any money for a week trip and they said I didn't need any. How nice of them! And how can i say no too an experience like that!? :) I was so nervous and hoped they realized what they got themselves into with Aiden in the car for so long, haha, but he was a gem! Seriously, he only cried whenever he woke up from sleeping and the last hour of the trip, we were all exhausted!
We left Sunday around 8:00 and got some breakfast in Wendover. I had never been anywhere west of Utah so I had a lot of firsts this trip!

Me and Aiden in front of Wendover Will.

Nevada isn't very pretty to look at lol so we just drove straight through. Oregon on the other hand is beautiful! We stopped along the way for breaks and whenever we saw pretty lakes and that.

My Aunt Rose lives in Jefferson Oregon. It was the smallest/cutest little town I have ever seen! We got there around 3:00 on Monday. It was so nice to be out of the car and just visit and relax. My Gma & Gpa wanted to surprise her so they didn't tell her Me and Aiden were coming. So it was good to see her :) We just hung around the rest of the day and went to Mcgrath's for dinner.

Tuesday morning Rose took us for lunch and wine tasting at a vineyard that was by her house. Another first for me! It was pretty neat. Lunch was yummy and the wine was good! It was so pretty, and I can't believe how many vineyards are in Oregon. She made the best dinner that night. Lobster, shrimp, steak, and fried oysters.

I had to add this cute picture in :)

Wednesday morning we went to a buffet breakfast (yum) at a casino about 40 min from their house and then drove into Lincoln City to see the ocean :) We went into a casino in Lincoln City and I played 21 for the first time and won $30! Wahoo! lol I was so nervous to play because other people were there and i was so nervous to ruin there game! lol But once I got going I didn't want to stop! I can definitely see how people get addicted :/ You get a lucky streak going and you think your unstoppable! haha

Funny Story: When we went up to go cash in my tokens the lady at the front counter asked me how i wanted my money. I looked at her with apparently a dumb founded look and said "......Cash" hahaha my grandma started laughing and said no, like a 20 and a 10? haha we both got a kick out of it because the lady much have thought i was stupid. lol

Thurs morning was when we got up early (6:00) :/ and drove up to Lincoln City. My grandparents were going to just drive home the same way but since i have never been down the coast they took an extra day so we could do that. I have the best grandparents ever!

We drove through depoe bay and other little towns along the coast. None of the little shops were open but it was still fun to drive through them and see how cute they were :) We stopped off at this beach over looking the ocean and it was breathtaking!

We also found a lighthouse on our way and that was another first of mine. There is just something about the ocean and lighthouses that are so pretty to me ;) i love them!

We found seals! haha how cute are they! They literally just flop around haha

Next we found another beach that we could actually walk on and find seashells and stuff.

Aiden and my cute grandpa :)

We had so much fun, and i can't even describe how beautiful driving down the coast was! It was such a great experience and i am so thankful that they invited me and little man to go! 

There is still more too come! Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was so much fun this year with our little man. This year he could actually walk around and pick up eggs. Once he realized there was nanny (candy) in the eggs he was all over it! lol
This year we went down to my Grandmas in West Valley to have a family dinner and a hunt for all the kiddos, and then Sunday had a little BBQ over at my dads. My brothers came down so it was nice to get to see them too! I have decided Easter is definitely my favorite holiday for kids. He had such a blast and i loved seeing how happy he got when he found eggs. I hope you guys had a great Easter weekend like we did!

Aidens Easter basket he got from Grandma Barela :)
Me and my beautiful mom when i went to go pick up my brothers

My handsome brothers :)

Little man coloring his egg

Him in his apron lol

All of the cousins

Me and my beautiful Auntie :)

Simply Perfect